My 1st Dog walking job!

Ok , well I thought I would share this story with you as a bit of fun but also to highlight that I knew I was in the right job after still wanting to do it even after a disastrous start!!

So I was all exited,  my 1st client – it was going to be great!  I was full of routes I could take , paths in mind. I had everything I needed – poo bags , treats – that’s all I needed right??!! WRONG!!

To start I collected the lovely Sally – a small Dandie Dinmont Terrier :

Cute isn’t she??! She may well be cute but this little bundle of fur ain’t half stubborn! ! I attached her lead and off we went – we got as far as out of the gate then she put the breaks on!! Wouldn’t move!!! No amount of gravy bones could persuade her that exploring the Derbyshire Dales was actually a good idea! ! My heart started racing , I began to sweat! The owners were in and it’s not going to look good – the 1st visit and I can’t get the dog to move!!! I had a hours walk booked in for her and so far all we had seen is the pavement outside the house !! 

After lots of enthusiastic cries of “come on Sally, what’s this treat I have” I learnt quickly that throwing the treats on the floor just far enough for her to have to move her feet seemed to work!! At last we were on the move – albeit VERY slowly!! How am I going to fill a hour I wondered,  and have I really got enough treats to last a hour??! I really shouldn’t be giving her treats anyway as the owner said no treats as the walks were to get her to loose weight! ! Thankfully after 20 minutes of coaxing she started to walk , actually very fast (I didn’t think she had it in her) and I was having to run in places!! Fab I thought , this is more like it! Then disaster struck! ! The P O O !!!!

Well I thought I had everything I needed , poo bags and treats – but nothing prepared me for what happened next ! (Skip a bit if your squeamish ) 

Darling Sally decided to do the biggest lot of, shall we say, loose poo I have ever seen!! And not only that,  the little gem decided she was going to make sure that it was all down her back legs and fur!! HORROR! ! OH MY GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!? 

As you can see from her picture she has curly wirery fur that dirt and everything else likes to stick to!! So , after picking up what she’d left on the pavement I tried to clean her up!  My heart is pounding – I can’t take her back like this , what will they say, I will never walk her again if I return their prize winning cruft’s champion looking like she’s rolled in her own deposits! ! 

So picture this , there I was at the side of the road , wiping down this small dog . Poo bags on my hands for protection,  wiping her back end with other poo bags !! That wasn’t working so I had the genius idea to use a big leaf! ! Finally, after what felt like an eternity we got there , all clean and after a short walk (that’s all we now had time for!) I returned her to her owners !! I was completely dishevelled and my nerves were shot!! This dog had won at crufts!!! and I was just praying, crossing everything I had that I’d not left any mess on her that I’d not seen! Thankfully all was well and they booked me for further walks for her and her older sister!  (Oh god, is she going to be the same were the thoughts running round my head!)

So the biggest lesson I learnt there and then , on my very 1st paid walk is BE PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED! ! (I was never in the scouts,  or brownies for that matter- I blame that for my lack of preparedness! !)

I now carry a bumbag round with me with wipes and everything but the kitchen sink ‘just incase’ and after a week or so I could finally get amused at what happened,  my 1st walk as a dog walker could not have gone more wrong if I tried !! Yet still,  I’ve learned from it and now my walks with Sally are a joy – unless it’s raining and she has to wear a coat, then that’s another story all in itself! ! ……

Hope you have enjoyed my tale of woe! Hit subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on the next one. 

Katrina xx

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