Rain rain rain !! 

Well if you live in Derbyshire you’ll know that today has been full of the wet stuff!! I’ve got through 3 coats today and I’ve only been working the morning!! 

First walk of the day was the lovely Sally! 


 She isn’t too keen on the rain but at least today she walked in it quite well. You can’t always win with Sally as she normally wears a rain coat but usually when her coat is on she refuses to walk AT ALL!! 

Next it was the turn of her older sister Dilly – 

Dilly doesn’t care if it’s raining or not she will go out in whatever weather , however she can also be a little stubborn at times ! 😂😂 This can usually be overcome with a biscuit tho ! 

The last walk of the day was the lovely Tess – 

It was nice to get out and about with Tess today as she has been on restricted walks due to a injury but thankfully she is all better now. 

I know some dog owners don’t like the rain or they say that their dogs don’t like the rain but it’s best to get your dog out for their walk daily regardless of the weather. Dogs need a daily walk not only to get rid of excess energy but also to mentally stimulate them. Believe it or not when it’s raining it opens up a whole world of new smells and interesting things for your dog to explore! 

So next time it’s raining , grab your coat (and one for your dog if you need to ) put a towel by the door for when you get back and go on a adventure. Your dog will thank you for it – trust me 😀.

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