Dog Walking Days

So I thought I’d better write a little blog and introduce you to some of my 4 legged walking friends. They come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments! No matter the weather we all have fun on our walks, myself taking in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside and them sniffing almost every inch of the floor 🀣! Let me get you some pics ;

There a gorgeous lot aren’t they? This is just a few of them. We have :

Sid (Amarican cocker)

Howard (Working cocker)

Rupert (Golden retriever X Springer)

James (Labradoodle)

Ziggy (Jack Russel)

Sally (Dandidinmont)

Fred (Beagle)

Dilly (Dandidinmont)

Which one is your favourite? I obviously don’t have favourites!

What makes me smile is just how individual each one of their personalities is! The dandies have to take the award for the most stubborn characters, though I do find this quite endearing.

No day is ever the same in my job and that’s one of the things I love about it, some days the dogs are really energetic and ready to go, the others they take a bit more persuasion – especially when it’s raining β˜”.

One of the other things I love about my job is that it gets me out and about in the fresh air in the beautiful peak district. We really do have some fantastic landscapes on our doorstep and quite regularly I have to pinch myself to realise this is WORK! People pay me to do what some people do on a weekend to wind down and relax!

I mean look:

How lucky am I?!

I like all the seasons but I have to say autumn is my favourite, it’s not too cold and not too hot and you get some cracking sunrises! The crisp damp mornings leave some beautiful natural tapestries :

Of you open your eyes just that little bit more there are lots of wonderful things to see which are right on our doorstep:

So next time you are out, have a look around and see what you can find πŸ˜€.

Till next time , Tails and Peaks 🐾.

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