Wow what a year!!

Gosh I can’t believe that this time last year building my own little dream of my own dog training business was just a tiny seedling emerging in my head 🌱.

I sometimes have to sit back and look at what we’ve achieved over this relatively short period of time and be thankful that we are now in the place where we are. I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, I very rarely do, I’m always chasing the next goal when I’ve ticked the current one off the list, I’m always driving forward always wanting to learn more. I never sit still! In fact I can’t believe a year has passed!!

It’s been a whirlwind year but I’ve loved every minute of it!

Firstly I wanted to thank my amazing clients, who without I wouldn’t have the business I have!! I train some fantastic people and their doggies who always turn up to class, despite the weather (which hasn’t always been kind to us!) ready to learn and build on the training we give them in class at home and the hard work is paying off – well done everyone! 🎉

I have made some fantastic friends this past year, who have been a great support. I’ve been on some brilliant courses with some of the best trainers in the UK, learnt new skills and we now have our new fantastic indoor venue which I love and has opened up so many new opportunities!

I think the reason I am writing this is to firstly thank everyone who has supported us but also to tell you to:

*Chase your dreams,

*Believe in yourself,

*Surround yourself with positive people,

*Forget the negative,

*Have fun and enjoy life then you will achieve fantastic things!!

Whether that be in a training capacity, work, or on a more personal level. Life is to short to be unhappy and we often put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve or get things right which often takes the enjoyment away and has a negative effect on us.

I’d much rather see happy people and dogs in our sessions regardless of if they are getting the training right (we can work on that bit) than ones who aren’t enjoying it as they think they need to get it right! Dog training is a individual journey that each dog and handler goes through at a different pace, there is no rush at all! Enjoy it! Go at the dog’s pace (they will thank you for it by paying you back with great training achievements)

What works for one dog may not work for another it’s all about building that relationship and trust, learning to know your individual dog’s needs and together you’ll achieve great things!

What will the next year bring ?! Well who knows, watch this space but we have some brilliant training courses in the pipeline, we welcome some fantastic guest trainers but most of all we plan to teach lots more of you that by having fun with your dogs through games you will achieve fantastic results!

Here’s to the next chapter…


Katrina and the Team 🐾

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