The A Team!

So we all know that Agility is a sport that we do together with our dog. We can’t participate in agility without eachother.

Agility is so much fun for both the dog and the handler, not only is it a sport that you both can enjoy it also builds on the ever-growing bond between the handler and their dog.

Being part of that team is one of the most important things , if not THE most important part of agility in general.

Once a dog and handler has developed that true bond and partnership then the results are just amazing!

A common misconception is that the dog’s learn how to do the equipment then your ready to go. However agility is so much more than that. The equipment is the easy part! (when they have learned how to do it safely of course)

The main requirement of agility is the bond between handler and dog.

That bond is the one that enables the dog to be focused, at ease and in tune with your movements and handling.

It requires lots of trust on both sides- the dog needs to trust you to guide them safely and you need to trust the dog to do their part on the course.

Firstly the dog has got to enjoy working for you to start with and he also needs to be massively rewarded for doing that work. We wouldn’t go to work on a bank holiday for no pay or the same pay we have on a normal day (you wouldn’t be massively motivated to carry out the work set for you would you?) and dog training is the same. Reward them for their good choices no matter how small- it all pays into that relationship bank account, builds their confidence and builds up trust.

A fantastic way to constantly be topping up the relationship bank account with your dog is by ditching their food bowl.

Dog’s naturally want to work for their food and actually prefer to, rather than to just be presented with it in a bowl (contrafreeloading) and what better way to get them earning their meals by incorporating it in training?

We utilise all of our dogs daily food allowance by playing games.

How fun is that?!

A high percentage of those games are ones that teach skills like focus, impulse control, proximity, trust, calmness and many more concepts. These games are so important to build your bond together and puts you on the right path for your agility training.

If you would like to learn more on this then have a go at one of our games classes where along with the class itself you will also get a free Ebook all about ditching the bowl and access to a dedicated Facebook group.

Our games classes and workshops compliment our agility classes brilliantly as they give you a range of games that not only help in every day life but also in the big game of agility!

See our website for more details, book on and take that step forward to becoming that A team with your dog šŸ¾.

Play….. Train….. Enjoy….. Succeed!

Happy Training

Katrina šŸ¾

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