I’ve gone a bit Hoopy ðŸ¤ª

So last night we hosted our first Hoopers Taster Session With the fantastic Joh Bryant!

I had never tried hoopers myself but I’d heard lots about it, so I was keen to give it a go! I loved it!!

Hoopers is fantastic for all breeds of dogs as it is a low impact sport and uses all ground work. It is brilliant for all ability handlers too as it is built up to use distance handling.

If I’m honest I didn’t know if it would be a sport for me as I like the fast pace of agility, however I loved it!! It was so much fun and so simple! I love to involve a big sense of fun in my dog training- dog’s respond so much better when your having fun and Joh’s teaching style is perfect for this, she totally puts you at ease and let’s your inner crazy lady come out!

Hoopers uses a lot of skills that transfer over from agility and I love the fact that it is open to all dogs and handlers. The dogs who maybe can’t do agility anymore due to the jumping involved can come and enjoy a hoopers class instead and still have a outlet for fun/ work .

First of all Joh introduced herself and talked us through what hoopers was about, she explained the rules of the sport and informed us what equipment was used and told us all about the handling involved.

She then gave us a few simple exercises to learn both handlers and the dogs how to use the equipment correctly. We built value for the hoop, learned how to negotiate the barrels and then had a go at the tunnels!

The tunnels used in hoopers have a bigger diameter than the ones used in agility, they are also only 1 meter or 3 meters in length and are always straight. This is to enable hoopers to be open to all shapes, sizes and breeds of dogs!

Once we had all mastered the basics we had a go at stringing it together in a little sequence.

Here is a clip of Flash having his turn, for a 1st go I think he did fantastic 🎉 :

Flash tries Hoopers 🐾

I can’t wait to get started in our new weekly class and develop the distance handling!

Joh is the only accredited instructor in Derbyshire and I’m so pleased that she is now offering a weekly class for us!

If you would like to give hoopers a try then contact us and I can get all the relevant information to you about our next class!

Happy Hooping!

Katrina 🐾

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