Why Play?!

Ok, so you may know by now that at Tails and Peaks we train dogs a little bit differently to your traditional dog training classes….. We use GAMES!

As well as being great fun for the handler and dog it also enables the dogs to learn what you want quickly. A recent study by Karyn Purvis discovered that it is far quicker to learn a new behavior with play as it only takes approximately 10 – 20 repetitions to learn a new synapse in the brain rather than the usual 400!

We use reward based training and a variety of games to deliver you concept based dog training.

By teaching the dogs concepts such as focus, proximity, confidence, boundaries and many others, it enables you as owners to achieve real life transferable results.

With the traditional sit, down, stay obedience style behaviors people often don’t see the skills that the dogs have in training sessions transfer to real life situations and that’s where concept training fits in.

Dogs take in their environment when they are training, so the perfect sit and stay may work in the training hall, but if that learning hasn’t been transfered over to other environments, this is where dogs begin to struggle. We often hear people say things like “she has a perfect sit and wait at home” and this is why, the learning environment of home has enabled the dog to understand what the owner is wanting in that environment only. The skills haven’t transfered over to new / other environments.

By teaching the dog the concept of proximity for example, you will get a dog that wants to be near to you in all enviroments – therefore leading to behaviours such as a solid recall and loose lead walking.

Have a read of our earlier blogs for more training tips and if your wanting to learn more or to give concept based training a try, have a look round our website to see what we have available for you and join us on to one of our workshops or classes.

Happy Training 😊.

Play….. Train….. Enjoy….. Succeed!

Katrina 🐾

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