My Christmas Top 10 Dog Related Gifts πŸŽ„β€οΈπŸΎ

So I thought I’d put together my top 10 gifts for dog lovers out there!

I had to limit it to 10 as there is so many but these are all products I use myself and have been tested both by me and my 2 handsome testers :

I have included a range of prices from roughly Β£2.50 up to the most expensive Β£40!

So let’s go!…

At number 10 :

I love this lead as it has so many uses, you can use it as a double clip or change the length accordingly. It’s nice and soft on your hands to hold and doesn’t dig in! Fantastic for training classes. These usually Retail around Β£10

Number 9 :

These come in a range of sizes, this one is the large and retails around Β£9. These are so much better than a normal ball! These can be used to tug and interact with your dog, as a retrieve toy, you can use them for canine enrichment by hiding treats in – the possibilities are endless!!

Number 8 :

These are very similar to Kongs (which I love too) but these have a cheaper price tag! These were from B n M and cost Β£2.49! Fantastic for filling with food / treats to keep your dogs busy.

Number 7 :

These are a fantastic training aid for food motivated dogs. I recommend them to all my students. The Lotus Ball comes in at Β£11 and is available in lots of sizes whereas the Kong version is a lot bigger in size and retails around Β£6.50.

Number 6 :

Biothene leads / long lines – these would have featured a lot higher but the only reason they have come in at number 6 is that I don’t use them everyday as I don’t need to with my dogs, but if I needed to use a long line more regularly this would be up there in the top 3! These don’t hold water, they wipe clean and they come in a range of colours!! They aren’t the cheapest of the long lines on the market but they are worth every penny! These are 5 meters long and the pair of them cost me Β£40.

Number 5 :

The Kong wobbler – this gets used daily in our house and is fantastic for getting the dogs working for their food. Retails at Β£10

Number 4 :

The Kong Gyro – this also gets used daily and is a bit more challenging for the dogs than the kong wobbler, that is why I’ve rated it higher. Another fantastic toy for getting your dog to work for their food. Retails at Β£10

Number 3 :

I love Likimats! Again something that gets used daily! Comes in 2 sizes and the smaller size has 3 designs all made to use different products in them- I use all the designs. Fantastic for promoting calmness these are a must have for every house! Small retails at Β£4.50 and the Large Β£9

Number 2 :

The woof woof training bag – I have lots of training bags and I love them all, however this is the 1st one I have found that can fit in my mobile phone!! It has lots of pockets for poo bags, keys etc. It comes in a set with a clicker and a small folding bowl and has 2 straps so it can be worn 2 ways, either round the waist or handbag style. I also love it as it can fit in our number 1 product for the messier treats! This retails around Β£10

And now my top must have product!

At Number 1 :

I love these!! So much so I have 3!! Fantastic for the high value messier treats like cheese, sausage, chicken etc. This treat bag fits inside your pocket, it fits in the treat bag mentioned above and is made of a lovely silicone material so is easy to wash and keep clean! It has a clip to attach to a belt or the clip can be removed if you want to just slip it in your pocket.


I hope you’ve gained some inspiration by the list above, there are so many dog products out there it’s often hard to know which ones are the best. I use all of these on a daily basis (with the exception of the long lines) and I’d be lost without them! There are many more dog related products that I rate highly specifically for dog training so I may do another post in the new year featuring those.

I hope you have a lovely relaxing Christmas with your dogs.

Katrina 🐾

Play….. Train….. Enjoy….. Succeed!

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