Being Accountable

Today’s short blog is all about being accountable.

So what has being accountable got to do with dog training??

For me being accountable is making sure I’m training the skills I want to train each day / week.

It is so easy to get busy with everyday life and dog training can sometimes get put on a back burner if we don’t become accountable and include a bit of training into our everyday life.

For me as a games based trainer we play short, 3 minuet games throughout the day and it just slots in to our daily life naturally, it doesn’t feel like training. We don’t have a set routine but we include games which will incorporate any skills I would like to work on.

The games don’t feel like training it’s just me and the dogs having fun which just so happens to be training them at the same time! To keep track of the games I have this :

I find this whiteboard super useful to write down our training plan for the week to keep me accountable and to give me focused games which are targeted to top up any areas or skills that week that I want to work on and practice.

Each week I will sit down with a cuppa and spend 5 minuets planning our training for the next few days.

We train Agility once a week so I make sure that we plan in rest days where on those days we focus on calm activities.

Include Calmness as part of your daily routine.

Another handy thing to do when splitting your training into tasks is to have little pots with the task you would like to train written on the lid:

This is a fantastic way to be accountable for training that certain skill that day and if you have got to the end of the day and you still have food in the pot, you haven’t done enough training!

It also ensures you are keeping your games short, by placing a set amount of food in the pot you have to stop once the food has gone! As the games are fun for both the dog and the owner it is so easy to get carried away especially if the training is going well. Keep the games short with lots of easy wins for the dog and this will increase their confidence and leave them wanting more.

I am using a range of value rewards in the pots along with my dogs every day food. Read our blog on motivation to learn why I do this.

We always ditch the bowl with the dogs, meaning we utilise their daily food for training. Read our blog all about rewards for more information.

Whatever skill your training this week keep it FUN, take the pressure off and just relax and ENJOY your dog for where they are now in their training. Our blog looking for Progress and NOT Perfection is a great read to make sure your taking note of your dogs achievements in their training so far.

If your interested in trying out our classes or workshops then see our Upcoming Events page for a list of all our current events.

Play… Train… Enjoy… Succeed!

Happy Training

Katrina 🐾

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