I know what its like as a dog owner to get confused by the number of different services and products out there! Knowing which ones to trust and which ones actually work can be a minefield especially as most things aren’t cheap!

I decided to put together a handy guide of products and services as a guide to help you. These are my personal recommendations of products/ services I have used myself for my dogs or in my line of work that I have found to be fantastic!

Dog Toys from Tug-E-Nuff

Along with selling a range of toys ourselves we are also a part of the tug-e-nuff partner program.

We love their toys particularly the frizbee!! Have a look what they have and receive free delivery by clicking the link below and entering ‘TAILSANDPEAKS’ in the coupon code area on checkout:

Click here to get FREE delivery on your order!

Craig Ogilvie

We are so pleased to be welcoming Craig for a few workshops this year. If you would like to join us on one just see the workshop section for more information. You can also find out all about Craig by visiting his website below.

Craig’s Website

Derbyshire Canine Massage

Lucie offers a fantastic service keeping your dogs in tip top condition.

Dog Products

Please see our shop page for our most popular dog related must have products!

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