Why the change?!

So the eagle eyed among you will have noticed our main logo has changed to the same one as our Agility logo… Why?

Well apart from it being confusing having several logos I’ve decided to streamline the services we offer and concentrate mainly on:


🐾 FUNdamental Foundations

🐾One to One Coaching

🐾Seminars and Workshops

This is due to a couple of factors, one being time constraints. Our Agility Classes are becoming very popular so we need to allocate more time to running these.

Our FUNdamental Foundation course is a hugely popular course and it is one I love running as it is a fantastic way to get lots of vital information to new owners that is just not available in your regular dog training classes. Lots of traditional classes focus on teaching your dog behaviours BUT often these behaviours don’t transfer to real life results – asking your dog to sit and ‘watch me’ won’t cut it against a squirrel I’m afraid!

We have some new workshops and seminars in the pipeline and later this year I am hoping to bring out some scent classes and workshops (around Autumn time) as I am currently studying a VERY indepth scent course with the School of Canine Science.

We have said goodbye to our Life Skills Classes and expanded our One to One Coaching services. This is because in classes we were getting such a broad spectrum of dog struggles. In a group setting it is hard to help all the dogs at once and move them forward. The range of problems in a single group we were getting were so diverse, for example one dog may need help with recall yet the next with reactivity and the dogs would be much better suited to a tailor made coaching plan or a workshop on a single specific topic.

I am also working on some online learning, I am really exited about this as it gives me more scope to get more information out there to people who may not be able to access our classes. It will also be a fantastic top up resource for our Agility students 😁.

Behind the scenes we are both studying various courses. We really feel it is so important to keep up our professional development. Having been in this industry a few years now it actually scares me how little some trainers actually do / know in their subject field.

Some are still using outdated theories despite these theories being disproven.

Some use aversives to teach simple bahaviours when there is just no need and the damage done by these is never mentioned !

Some trainers don’t believe in continued learning – they passed a course once and that’s enough, BUT this industry is always evolving, it’s actually dangerous never to update skills!

Some people do a short course (if they do a course at all) and then set up as a trainer or even a behaviourist!!

Did you know the dog training field isn’t a regulated industry – anyone can just set up as a trainer.

Some agility trainers don’t even seem to have the ability to get their own dogs round a course and that is crazy!! I don’t know any GOOD trainer of any disapline, whether that be obedience, flyball or agility not be able to demonstate the practical skills with their own dog or other peoples !!

Why people pay their money to these trainers is beyond me !

We specialise in teaching foundations, either for everyday pet homes or for agility dogs. It’s a method I’ve proven works with BOTH my dogs winning up the grades very quickly (something that isn’t seen very often at all) and also with students dogs collecting rosettes very early in their competing career.

The hours spent learning our craft both online and with our trainers is intense, I wouldn’t like to count up the amount of time and money spent developing our skills each month. All of this filters down into our classes to our students to ensure that they are getting the best training possible.

Our qualifications and professional development is all avaliable to view on our website and we are members of a number of organisations that keep a check that we are keeping our education up to date each year.

And that in a nutshell is why we have had the change – to deliver an even better service to our customers and to focus on our niche as trainers.

Whoever you use as a trainer ASK them what they have achieved and how recently they achieved it (that’s the key) ask them what qualifications they have, ask them what organisations they are part of and most importantly make sure they are FORCE FREE!!

If your dog is an important member of your family you owe it to them to get their training right!

🐾💕🐾Play.. Train.. Enjoy.. Succeed! 🐾 💕 🐾