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We are conveniently located between Matlock and Alfreton but also have access to training venues in several locations in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire where many of our events are held. See our Upcoming Events page or Contact Us to see if we have a training event near you!

At Tails and Peaks we are a little different to traditional dog training.

If you want to learn how to understand your dogs individual needs and train them using kind, fun games then your in the right place!

We look at your dogs individual needs and adapt our training to be enable YOU and your dog to get real life results!

Our training is split into two key aspects..fun practical training using games and understanding, enabling owners to really understand their individual dogs needs.

By using games in our training we achieve real life dog training skills that are fun for both the dog and owner! Win win!

We have a variety of dog training options; one to one training, online training, workshops, seminars and fusion training and we also host a number of workshops featuring some of the top dog trainers in the UK.

Our aim is to transform the relationship you have with your dog through understanding, play, training and fun! Our training puts YOU at the center of your dogs world! No more battling against distractions, we train dogs who pick their owners over everything!


I am passionate about updating my qualifications regularly and I am a member of several ethical dog training organisations to bring you current, up to date, kind and ethical reward based training.

Please click the link below to see more detailed information on how I keep my skills current and up to date. Below is a brief overview.

Personal Development

I am a Approved Instructor for the Dog Training College and I regularly attend their training events to continue my personal development.

I am a Canine Body Language Specialist, achieving 100% in the exam assignment.

I am also a platinum member of the Pet Professional Network.

I regularly deep dive into canine science with a variety of courses with The School of Canine Science.

I am a firm believer that by interacting with your dog in a positive, fun, relaxed and enjoyable way you can achieve amazing results and create the most fantastic bond !

My philosophy is:

Play… Train… Enjoy… Succeed!

I only ever use positive, fun and reward based training. Every dog is an individual and I pride myself on adapting the training to suit their specific needs and struggles.

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Katrina and the Team 🐾🐾

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