Agility Foundations 1 and 2

These courses follow on from our Pre-Agility Core Skills course and focus on the foundation skills essential for safe agility training.

Foundation Agility is so important as it teaches your dog all the necessary skills and body conditioning work to enable them to enjoy agility safely. Just as we would not embark on a new sport without learning the correct way, it is exactly the same for our dogs.

Split into two 4 week blocks –  Agility Foundations 1 and Agility Foundations 2.

Agility Foundations 1 is a four week course which is suitable for any dog new to agility aged 10 months upwards. We use fun games to introduce foundation ground work. After Agility Foundations 1 has been completed a place will be offered in our Agility Foundations 2 Course.

In Agility Foundations 2 we expand on the skills covered in the first course, we add some balance and conditioning excersises and introduce some basic agility ground work and handling skills. After both courses have been completed there will be an option to join our Agility Beginners weekly class.

It is vital that the dogs learn to do the equipment safely and correctly and in these courses we teach them all the skills needed to do this.

Please contact us for the full course content.

The classes provide both the dog and the handler with all the foundation and handling skills needed to progress onto further Agility training.

To be eligible for these classes you must have completed our Pre- Agility Core Skills Course.

After the foundations courses you will be able to join our Weekly Beginners Agility Classes.