Enrichment on a budget

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Enrichment doesn’t need to cost the earth – you can pretty much pay what you can afford while still providing your dog with a variety of experiences to entertain.

Most of #100daysofenrichment challenges are free, but priceless: spending time with your pet, exploring the world together, opening your eyes and seeing what your pet is really asking for.

Indeed, #100daysofenrichment is free in and of itself!


Some of the most popular food-based enrichment toys right now: a snufflemat, a slow-feeder bowl, “Treatimats”, and stuffables, large Kong and a large Toppl.

But, what if I told you that enrichment is not about the toy?!
Enrichment is about the behavioural outcome from which the animal benefits as a result of choosing to participate in the enrichment activity.

Don’t be turned off providing an outlet for your pet’s normal, natural, necessary behaviour just because you don’t have, can’t get, not able to afford…

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Stay cool, hot dog!

Top tips for keeping your dogs cool in the ☀.

Streetwise Dogs

Avoid heatstroke by keeping your dog to the shade, easy activities, and plenty of water to drink or bath in. 

Bored? Try brain games!

Give them something good to think about, while they aren’t able to prance about as usual.

Any game where your dog needs to sniff and seek for treats or toys will activate their brain’s pleasure centre, making them feel content and relaxed. These games are also great for encouraging that much-needed life skill; problem-solving!

52606122_507358889671341_5341077731369025536_n Licki Mat – paste food into the grooves for a relaxing treat

unnamed Doggy icecream – Kefir/ greek yoghurt and frozen fruit. Blend or whole, place in freezer for a couple of hours

52033746_502446936829203_9189927762175983616_n Frozen Kong Meal – Kefir/ Yoghut, tinned fish, peas, berries, nut butter to plug the end


52281348_504338263306737_1805899096448303104_n Snuffle toys – hide treats inside the super-soft fleece for the dog to sniff and seek out

Dog Training College Pupsicles


If you think your dog isn’t…

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Helping Hyper Dogs: Sometimes Less is More

A fantastic read 📖.

Wilde About Dogs

Dog agility: terrier jumping and flying highYou don’t always get the dog you were expecting. Just ask my training client Melissa, who envisioned a Lab puppy like the one her neighbor has; a sweet, reasonably calm, focused dog. In fact, her now six-month-old pup is the polar opposite of the show-lines-bred dog who lives down the hall. Not only is Hailey from field-bred lines, meaning she’s got plenty of energy and drive and needs a job to do, but even for a dog typical of those genetics, she is over-the-top excitable, and prone to incessant jumping and hard mouthing on Melissa and her boyfriend, visitors, and yes, even the trainer. When I say over the top, I am comparing Hailey to the many jumping, mouthing dogs I’ve helped over the years. When Melissa and her boyfriend come home after a long day of work (Hailey goes to work with Melissa), thanks to Hailey’s behavior, they can’t…

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Being Accountable

Today's short blog is all about being accountable. So what has being accountable got to do with dog training?? For me being accountable is making sure I'm training the skills I want to train each day / week. It is so easy to get busy with everyday life and dog training can sometimes get put [...]

Looking for Progress and NOT Perfection

So I wanted to write a quick blog about something that I see is a problem in dog training and that is when the handlers are constantly looking for perfection when training.. In other words the finished article / behaviour. For example : Loose lead walking / walking to heal. The perfect sit and wait. [...]