What’s in my Treat Bag??!

I often talk in class about the importance of rewards and the correct ones! So I thought I'd write a quick blog to show you all that I do practice what I preach when it comes to my own dogs. Today we went for a lovely early morning walk through the fields, I always have [...]

Does your dog get downtime?!

Let's talk rest! I mean we all know how important it is in the human world but have you considered it for your dogs?! Rest is a vital part of any dog training as much as the actual training is itself. So with this in mind I want you to ask yourself if your dog [...]

Not getting the Training Results you require?… Let’s get SERIOUS!

Right.. Before I start, let me begin by stating that I am talking about general dog training / agility training. In this blog I'm not talking about problem behaviours that may require a behaviourist's involvement or a more specific training plan. So now that is out the way let's get SERIOUS! 😂 Ok so I'm [...]