Dog Training

When selecting a trainer you need to make sure the trainer is the right fit for you and your dog. Our training is fun, friendly, relaxed and focuses on learning solution based skills to you and your dog to get you real life results!

We only ever use positive reward based training with the most up to date current training methods.

We utilise a range of fun games to teach you and your dog the concepts and skills needed to enjoy everyday life. No two dog’s are the same and we pride our training on being able to adapt the training programme to suit the individual requirements and needs of each dog.

We offer:

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Our training is tailored to suit your individual requirements and can include a range of struggles such as:

šŸ¾Recall Training

šŸ¾Focus Training

šŸ¾Tolerance to Fustration

šŸ¾Impulse Control

šŸ¾Calm Behaviour

šŸ¾Confidence Building

šŸ¾Loose Lead Walking

šŸ¾Boundary Training

šŸ¾Obedience style training, sit, wait etc

šŸ¾Polite Dog Manners

šŸ¾Agility Training


šŸ¾Please note for people reactive dogs we recommend contacting a qualified behaviourist, details can be found on our recommendations page šŸ¾