FUNdamental Foundations Online

FUNdamental Foundations Online!

Speaking dog isn’t always easy, but in this informative course we will teach you to do just that!

This course is the perfect way to understand your dog whatever age they may be, from puppies to older dogs and those in between it’s important we can speak their language to enable us to have that perfect partnership and to give them the skills to be real life ready.

Know better, Do better! We owe it to our dogs to understand their world and treat them with kindness in ours.

Katrina Bayliss

Let us guide you in this informative and fun 6 week course where you will learn how to:

🐾 Understand your dog’s individual needs.

🐾 Utilise your dogs food allowance in training.

🐾 Understand your dog’s basic Body Language.

🐾 Understand your dogs Emotional needs.

🐾 Understand Multi-Dog Groups.

🐾The importance of keeping your dog mentally stimulated and how to do this.

🐾Understand how your dog makes choices and learn how to help them make the correct ones.

🐾 Use Rewards and Reinforcements and how to get it right!

🐾 The importance of the Relationship between dog and owner and how to maximize this with fun games!

🐾 How your dogs arousal levels play a part in their training and learning.

🐾 Minimising problems and what to do when things go wrong!

🐾 How to create a Confident canine.

🐾 Understanding dog, dog interaction, socialisation and how to set your dog up for success!

The games will teach your dog the skills of:


🐾Proximity Value



🐾Noise Confidence

🐾Loose Lead Walking

🐾Thinking in Arousal.


🐾Settling on a Boundary – in the home and out and about

🐾Good manners and SO MUCH MORE!!

Students will also be given access to a private Facebook group after the course has been purchased. In the Facebook group students are able to upload as many training videos as they wish along with the ability to ask questions if needed.

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