Lockdown Dog Training Advice

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Separation Related Problems

It is great that you are at home spending more time with your dog. Your giving them extra attention, they are next to you as you work from home, maybe your doing more training with them than your able to do when your at work….

But what happens when you finally go back to work?

If we don’t prepare them for this now then our dogs may not be able to cope with the sudden change of you not being there.

This may lead to separation related problems such as barking, chewing, going to the toilet in the house and more!!

Let us help you!

We have put together a handy FREE pdf guide with 13 key tips to prevent any future problems arising.

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13 Key Tips on Preventing Separation Related Issues After Lockdown

Recall and Name Reflex Game

Recall and getting your dog to respond to their name is a vital skill. Here is a quick game you can play to ensure your dog responds every time you call their name!

Mental Enrichment

In these times when your dog is leaving the house less it is so important to ensure that your dog is getting enough daily mental stimulation. If a dog doesn’t get enough mental stimulation then this can lead to a number of problematic behaviours.

A simple and easy way to to do this is by playing training games or utilising some of their daily food allowance in a puzzle feeder like the ones pictured below. These fun feeders encourage your dog to use their brain to figure out how to get the food from them, resulting in a dog who is mentally and physically tired out.

Along with these feeders we also recommend ditching your dogs food bowl and using their daily food allowance to play fun training games. If you would like a personalised tailor made training plan simply get in touch by using the button below and we can talk through our online training options with you to ensure your dog is tired and happy at the end of each day!

We have a free Ditch the Bowl Ebook available which tells you all about the many ways you can supercharge the relationship you have with your dog so simply by eradicating their food bowl!

Contact us to today claim your Free Ebook and discover how you can make your dog training FUN!


Do you have a dog that struggles to be calm? We often think about training our dog to β€˜do things’ but do you actually train them to be calm?

Below we have listed 6 handy tips to get you started in creating a calm and happy dog;

  1. Create a space that’s just for them in which they can be left alone to relax. This could be an area of your home, a dedicated room, an X-pen, bed or a crate.
  2. Ensure your dog is getting enough chance to rest throughout the day.
  3. Make sure your dog has had enough Mental Stimulation each day.
  4. Give your dog something appropriate to chew on. Our chew packs are fantastic for this as they contain a selection of natural products perfect for promoting calmness.
  5. Play a few scent games with your dog.
  6. Give them some of their favourite food on a Likimat.

We have a fantastic Online Course that is packed full of information on how to create a calm dog. If you are interested in learning everything there is to learn about dog calmness then click the button below for more information.

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