Mental Stimulation

It is so important to ensure that your dog is getting enough daily mental stimulation. If a dog doesn’t get enough mental stimulation then this can lead to a number of problematic behaviours.

A simple and easy way to to do this is by playing games or utilising some of their daily food allowance in a puzzle feeder like the ones listed below. These fun feeders encourage your dog to use their brain to figure out how to get the food from them, resulting in a dog who is mentally and physically tired out.

We sell a range of these puzzle feeders, starting from as little as £8. Each one has a different level of difficulty for your dog:

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Along with these feeders we also recommend ditching your food bowl and using your dogs daily food allowance to play fun training games.

We have a free Ditch the Bowl Ebook which tells you all about the many ways you can get rid of your dogs bowl and supercharge the relationship you have with your dog so simply by eradicating that bowl!

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