Pre-Agility is so important as it teaches your dog all the necessary skills and body conditioning work to enable them to enjoy agility safely. Just as we would not embark on a new sport without learning the correct way, it is exactly the same for our dogs.

Whether we want to do agility just for fun or to go on to compete it is essential that we learn the dogs correctly to enable them to have a happy and healthy agility career.

Dogs in our Pre-agility classes need to have a basic level of obedience and to be able to focus and engage with their handler off lead in a group environment. If your dog is reactive please contact us before booking on as a group environment may not be suitable.

Before enrolling on our Pre-Agility we recommend you attend our FUNdamental Foundations Course. Click here for more information.


Split into two 4 week blocks –  Pre-Agility 1 and Pre-Agility 2.

Pre-Agility 1 is a four week course which is suitable for any dog new to agility aged 10 months upwards. We use fun games to introduce the essential skills needed for a successful start to your agility training. After Pre-Agility 1 has been completed a place will be offered in our Pre-Agility 2 Course.

In Pre-Agility 2 we expand on the skills covered in pre-agility 1, we add some balance and conditioning excersises and introduce some basic agility ground work and handling skills. After Pre-Agility 2 has been completed there will be an option to join our Agility Foundations weekly class.

It is vital that the dogs learn to do the equipment safely and correctly and in the pre-agility we teach them all the skills needed to do this.

Please contact us for the full course content.

Dogs need to have recall skills, basic manners and be ok with working around other dogs to join this course. Please get in touch if you need any help with this as we run a variety of workshops and classes to help you.

It is advisable that dogs have attended our FUNdamental Foundations course prior to enrolling for Pre-Agility.

We have regular monthly intakes for our pre-agility courses but our places do fill fast, please see the Upcoming Events section for our next start date.

Agility Foundations

This is a 4 week rolling course which follows on from the pre-agility 2 for those wanting to carry on their training.

In the classes we will slowly be introducing the dogs to more of the equipment used in Agility when the dogs are ready and it is safe to do so. We also introduce some basic handling skills and develop the skills already covered in the pre-agility courses.

See the Agility section for a list of all the agility training we offer.

We are passionate about creating happy and confident agility dogs who love the sport as much as their handlers! In our Agility training classes you will not only learn the agility skills but also the most important bit – the team work skills, which go hand in hand with your agility training!

Being a certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs we can bring you the same skills throughout your training used by Agility Team GB member Lauren Langman who is the founder of Absolute Dogs.