Puppy Power Training

Future Agility Star?

Have you got a new puppy with the intention of doing some agility? If so we have the perfect training for you!

Although we have to be extremely careful on what agility skills we teach a puppy (we would never let them go over full kit!) There are plenty of skills we can teach in a safe way. Life Skills, Recall, Handler Focus, Play, Retrieve, Proximity and Confidence are all skills which are essential for your new agility star of the future.

We have designed a safe and fun training programme which will put you on a path of success from the start.

Our passion is agility and although we don’t let small puppies anywhere near the kit, we teach them lots of games and skills that will not only give them the best start in their agility journey the games will give them fantastic life skills too!

We typically start our Pre-Agility Core Skills Training from 6 months of age, however if you have a budding agility star we have developed our Puppy Power Training that uses fun games to teach puppies all the skills they need to give them the best start in their agility journey.

Places are limited on our Puppy Power training as we only open up registration every few months.

Please contact us to be notified of when our Puppy Power Training is open for registration.

If your puppy is 6 months or older we have our Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme which is open for new students all year round, we teach this in one to one sessions. Our Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme is initially a 6 week starter programme carried out in weekly training sessions. After completion of the core skills students carry on training agility foundations through one to one sessions.

Click here for more info on our Pre-Agility Core Skills Programme.

One of the common misconceptions is that a puppy needs just 6 weeks training and that is them set for life, this simply isn’t true. Your dog will need regular training throughout their life, especially if you have a working breed dog as without regular training they may become bored, under stimulated, full of energy and this will only lead to problematic behaviour and this is where we come in!!

Agility is a fun and rewarding hobby for both dog and owner, it builds a great bond, develops trust and a creates a fantastic partnership between dog and owner, not only in the agility ring but in real life situations too. It can stay as a bit of fun that you enjoy together or you can take it as far as the competition ring – the choice is yours!

By interacting with your puppy and playing fun games you will naturally increase the bond between you so your puppy will choose you above anything else in the environment.

We not only train vital life skills for your puppy but we help you the owner truly understand what is happening and why. By truly understanding your dog you will limit the problems that may occur.

Our training is on a one to one basis at our outdoor venue on an all weather surface. We tailor our training for the individual needs of each dog and our students get access to a private Facebook group where they can chat to other students, ask questions and post any training videos.