Personal Development

When choosing a trainer you want to be assured that they are the right fit for you and your dog.

As the Dog Training field is always evolving it is really important for me to keep my skills topped up and fitting to the current times. We work alongside a number of ethical organisations to bring you current, up to date reward based training using games! Our aim is to transform the relationship you have with your dog through understanding their personal needs and playing the games which are right for them to take your training down the path of success!

Below you will find a brief description about how I ensure my skills are kept current and up to date with a number of trainers and organisations who follow the same ethics and ethos as myself.

I am a founding member of the Pro Trainer Programme with Absolute Dogs and I have successfully compleated a multitude of their courses including their most recent courses Behaviour Geek and Coaching.

I am a member of the Pet Professionals Network and undertake their training and courses on a weekly basis.

I am an approved instructor with the Dog Training College and I am qualified to teach both their Body Language and Reactive Rascals Seminars along with being an Inner Circle Member which gives me access to hundreds of training resources, courses and workshops to continue my knowledge and professional development.

I am a Canine Body Language Specialist, achieving 100% in the assignment.

I am currently undertaking several courses with The School of Canine Science.

I am currently studying further diplomas with Canine Principles.

I am currently undertaking online learning with One Mind Dogs.

Other Training :

  • Centre of Excellence – Diploma in Canine Behaviour Training – Distinction.
  • Agility Training for Trainers Courses.
  • Canine First Aid.
  • First Aid in the Workplace.
  • Craig Ogilvie Workshops and Seminars.
  • Dog Walking Training – involving dog behaviour, dog walking information, health and safety etc. Ashbourne Animal Welfare – Induction Training involving procedures, health and safety, dog training, practical training on how to walk and train the dogs / behaviour etc
  • Amber Dog Assessment – relevant training to be able to walk and train the more challenging dogs.

I train with a number of top agility trainers on workshops and training camps throughout the year, some of whom represent and have competed for team GB!

I have a weekly one to one training session with Georgina Baker.

I attend monthly one to one training and monthly workshops with Nic Jones from One Mind Dogs.

Practical Dog Training Undertaken with my own Dogs:

  • Agility Training days with Toni Dawkins.
  • Absolute Dogs Training Camps.
  • Pro Trainer Development Days with Absolute Dogs.
  • Interactive Play Workshop with Craig Ogilvie.
  • Workshops with Kamal Fernandez.
  • Weekly Agility one to one and group coaching with Georgina Baker.
  • Monthly one to one training and group coaching with Nic Jones of One Mind Dogs.
  • Agility Workshops with Selena Bray.
  • Training Camp with Heather Mclean, Toni Dawkins and Nic Jones.
  • Agility Workshops with Nicola Wildman.
  • Agility workshops with Laura Chudleigh.
  • Agility workshops with Daniel Hodson.
  • Online training on specific Agility areas such as weaves, jump grid games, distance handling, foundation skills and trouble shooting with Selena Bray.
  • Online Agility training courses with Toni Dawkins.
  • Online Agility training with Heather McLean.
  • Online Agility training with One Mind Dogs.
  • Agility Workshops and Training weekends with Shaun Hunt and Amy Lawson.
  • Online training with Absolute Dogs.
  • Online training with Laura Chudleigh.
  • Online training with Into Shape Agility.
  • Puppy class Alfreton Park with Judith Powell, working on focus, recall, walking to heel, leave it, waits and other exercises in a distracting outside environment.
  • Pre-Agility with Amanda Yoxall / Kim Hunt
  • Agility Classes with Amanda Yoxall / Kim Hunt
  • Puppy Class Belper with Kim Hunt working in a inside environment on focus work, working to heel, recall, leave it, waits, and other exercises.
  • Click and Trick Training with Kim Hunt
  • Rally Training with Kim Hunt
  • Sniffer Workshop with Kim Hunt

I am committed to continuously updating my own knowledge for the benefit of each and every dog and owner I work with.