Understanding Your Dog

We have teamed up with some of the leading experts in dog training to bring you this insightful short course.

This is a 3 part course where you have access to 4 pre-recorded information packed webinars. These webinars are:

Canine Communication and Body Language

Do we really know what’s going on? Dogs communicate via body language so it is really important that we recognise all the signs and what they are trying to tell us.

Webinar by Dale McLelland

Dispelling Myths about Dog Behaviour

There are often a lot of myths when it comes to dog behaviour. In this webinar we look at these.

Webinar by Dr. Marc Bekoff

Dogs and Us

This is a 2 part seminar where we look at the relationship between humans and dogs.

Webinars by Dale McLelland

Total webinar time 5 hours (split into 4 parts)

Course cost £40

Students have access to a dedicated private Facebook support group for any questions and advice.